A fleeting vist to Ireland

Oh its still cold here!

A few weeks back I made a last minute dash to Ireland. Although a bittersweet trip, to say goodbye for Anne, a gorgeous lady for final time, it was a week of rejoyce & reunion.  And it was a total Surprise as only 2 people knew I was flying in. 

I remember when I used to crash in the spare 'beer testing' room after a night out/early morning in the days before responsibility in Belfast. These were times of being free & fearless and many late night ideas over brews were shared. Its so good to see their dream of  Farmageddon Brewing Co-Op  in fully action on the farm.

Farmageddon Brewery. Behind this door is the key to no hangovers - preservative free beer.

Spent a whirlwind 24hrs in Dublin at The Liquor Room with Irishman Patrick &  Jules from Heirloom Island flying in for one simply mad stuffed-bear-kissing cocktail swilling night  at The Liquor Rooms from Canada. We used to live in Cliften in Connemara in the backpacker days and dragged them around the countryside making my first Cheeky Little Map while I worked at Crocnaraw Country House & The Beautiful View Cafe at Cottage Handicrafts in Moyard & the Sheep & Wool Centre in Leenane.  

Popped in for tea with old neighbour 89 year old Lady Clark, Caught up with Mary & John at my my old work cafe Bookfinders and washed off & redid  my original blackboard menu sign that I did over 15 year ago again for her. She still had it up. Took the train to Dublin with  Lovely Audrey & Helen of Glass Bro Armagh where I used to pick apples & run the main house - and dropped in for more tea later on in the week so I to see the rest of the growing family!  Oyster & Cake purchases at St Georges's Markets & catchup with Claire, Yet more tea with Johnny at Maxwell House of Clatteringford, Dinner with Anne & Peter at  The Poachers Pocket. Tramped the Fields dogwalking with Lizzy ( and drinking lots & lots of wine), Coffee & desperately needed catchup with Tote, as well as late night tea with Colonel Charley.

Then had a last Hoorah 40th Birthday thrown for me the night before I flew!!! Wine with Lindy of  The Boathouse Sketrick where I used to work and is one of the most lovelies places to rent on the island. So Although short, the break was just what I needed. Missed alot of people but just time & distance made it impossible. Next time I wont wait for so long.

Tullygirvan House. Breakfast made on a real aga & where my obsession with cooking on one seriously began. 

The Free-range organic pigs at Farmmgeddon Brewery. 

County Down Farm roads racing to Surprise everyone. 

Havant lost the touch - shucking 3 dozen oysters for Sunday Lunch at Tethers End 

Latte & Waiting for my Friends to Fly in at the Wesbury in Dublin. Got to love a 20m chesterfield

Avoca oh how I have missed  you - such pretty things. 

The Liquor Room Ladies Bathroom Floor Tiles

Dublins Fair City. Flower market ladies