Streamlining - The art of gifting & ditching the excess in my life

In the last month I have been strictly streamlining life. Making it simple, uncluttered and just not relying on just taking the easy option to get by. We have also been doing a mini reno on the house, painting, carpeting etc....just to make things fresh again. Its been nice to spend more time at home - something that has taken me years to adjust to after travelling so much. I suppose that's why I really have always found it hard to start a garden as I just couldn't stay in one space - but things are changing. We are also looking at what we will do next and exploring  plans. I ditched 1/5th the kids toys but spending much more time with my kids - we do alot more now and explore things. I've had a crack at making washing powered, spider spray, lip balm, furniture polish, detergent, spray and wipe and I'm about to try sunscreen & weed killer (although currently I'm pretty good at letting the weeds live)....all from simple ingredients. Its small steps but its just adding new good habits into the family life mix. I'd like to work , or start up studying a little again and I'm also keen to get my littlest off breast feeding so I can get a sleep in. I haven't had a whole nights sleep in 3.5 years. I've also streamlined my life so that I concentrate on the people that are good to be around, that boost up others and inspire me. Lifes really far too short & once you start looking for people like that you soon find them. Its been a really wonderful time.